Hi! My name is Oliver Deboliver. All my friends call me "Ollie," and you can call me Ollie too! I am almost 9 years old. I live in a little town in Indiana called Memory. I love to read and talk about adventures.

The name of my school is Memory Elementary, and my teacher's name is Mrs. Englebrook. She is the best teacher ever!

Every Friday, Mrs. Englebrook takes our class on book trips to really neat places - places that are far, far away. We explore mountains, outer space, jungles and rain forests. There are so many exciting places to go and so many wonders to see. Every trip is an adventure. I want to travel to all the places she takes us during our book trips.

One evening as I was lying in bed looking at the moon through my bedroom window, I thought, "The moon would be a wonderful place to visit. But how could I visit the moon?"
Then, I had an idea. I could build my very own Dream Machine that could take me anywhere I want to go!

I want you to go on adventures with me in my Dream Machine. We'll have lots of fun!

TEI Landmark is thrilled to announce the first in a series of delightful, interactive children's story/activity books about the adorably curious Oliver Deboliver and his adventures in his Dream Machine. This precocious, red-headed 8-year-old is sure to thrill young learners with his vivid imagination and passion for discovery. Join Ollie on his maiden voyage in his spiffy new Dream Machine as he experiences space travel, the moon's gravity, and giant craters in Ollie & the Dream Machine: Ollie's Moon Adventure.